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Hi Finlace Team,

I am very thankfull for all the coordination done between me and the paramount builders ,resulting in registeration of my villa no D266. Its your hardwork and positive approach that my dream of owning a villa is getting successful.

i am always thankful to you and M/s Finlace for the goodself and humanitarian act done.

thanking you once again.

Rajiv Leo

Hi Finlace Team,

Beacuse of your's support my dream came true andThanks a lot for assisting me to book a flat in Nirala Greenshire, Greater Noida.

Neeraj Kumar
Asst. Manager at IBM
Noida, India
Nirala Greenshire

Hi Finlace Team,

Thank you very much! I also would like to appraise Finlace for your support and help during entire booking and loan process. Specially Pulkit, Talesh and Swati they are just awesome. At the time of delay in cheque disbursement I was a bit stressed and helpless but overall I want to say big Thank you to the whole Finlace team. I also taken help of other consulting companies in the past and I would say Finlace is the best of the lot. Hope to do some more bookings in future with the consultation of Finlace.  

Once again a big thanks. Keep up the good work!

Mr. Sandip Trivedi

Hi Finlace Team,

Thank you for your great support as always. I must say that I have had a good experience dealing with your company Finlace and have received positive responses always.

Ajay Jha

Hi Finlace Team,


I recently purchased a Flat in Aditya Urban Homes (NH 24) through Finlace because of my friend’s recommendation. I wanted to say thank you for the assistance you gave me in purchasing the flat. I can say that I am satisfied with your service. Especially Mr. Sachin Tyagi helped me to coordinate with the builder and the bank. 

Thank you once again!


Thanks & Regards,

Anuj Kumar

Anuj Kumar

Hi Finlace Team,

Finlace Team का  बहुत बहुत धन्यवाद।जिसने राइज आर्गेनिक होम्स में फ्लैट चुनने में हमारी सहायता की।आशा करता हूँ की आपकी टीम की तरफ से इसी तरह सहयोग भविष्य में भी जारी रहेगा। 


Mr. Mrs. Joshi

Hi Finlace Team,

Thank you so much Deepak & Nidhi, received the same, hope it's clear on time. i appreciate your royalties and services. I communicate all my official member( Times of India) about your services and royalties.

Sarvesh Malviya

Hi Finlace Team,

Today my wife got the cheque from HDFC, by 15 or 16 March you will receive the courier. Thanks to Finlace team for quick help and support. Thanks to everyone. I really appreciate your hard work. 

Nitin Kaushil

Hi Finlace Team,

Thank you so much for your email. I am glad to be associated with Finlace for this purpose. Your entire team deserves an appreciation for meeting the customer's needs in such a good manner.

Waquar Ahsan

Hi Finlace Team,

Thank you for your email. I am happy that I am associated with Finlace for this transaction. I am happy with the service. I look forward for a long term relationship with your company. 


Nirant Sarin

Hi Finlace Team,

I would like to extend my thanks to you for all the help and support. Finally I am able to close all the paperwork and all required approvals are in place for my home at Saya Zion. Hoping from hereon, process will be smooth and streamlined. 

I completely respect your support and appreciate all the help. I know at some places, you went beyond call of duty... certainly recommendable!!

I will make every effort to meet you personally on my next trip to India and thank you personally. 

Best Wishes...

Rohit Goel

Hi Finlace Team,
Recently I bought one property in Panchsheel Pratishta sector 75 Noida through Finlace. For the purchase I dealt with Mr Manish and Mr Talesh for loan related formalities . Services and information provided by both of them incl the facts / details / various formalities were really good throughout the deal . I would like to thank both of them and Finlace for the customer service and all the efforts.

Mr Rajan Garg

Hi Finlace Team,
I'd like to compliment for your employees for the excellent service they provided me in last 1 month. They all helped me to convert my biggest dream of purchase a house in Noida into reality. Before this I never thought buying a house can be that much easy. Special thanks to MR. Chetan to help me to sort out my all project related queries and building my confidence against the builder and Finlace as well. I have always been pleased with the service I receive at your office. However, Ms. Samar's professionalism and ability to response quickly exceeded my expectations. Excellent support from Mr. Talesh for all bank related works, getting Home loan without a single visit to bank must be highly appreciate. Mr. Raj I admire your energy, thoughtfulness and your ability to keep everything on track. Thanks to Mr. Soanvir & all the staff for keep on sending me all project related & offer information. Such a commitment to great customer service is to be commended. You can be sure that I will continue to do business with Finlace for years to come. You have definitely gained a new customer who will refer all of his friends to Finlace. I request you to please forward this mail to all the related staff on my behalf.

Mr. Saurabh Mathur

Hi Finlace Team,
I really feel honored to be a customer of Finlace Consulting. My first impression with finlace was good and now the commitment & attitude towards handling customer concerns is awesome. I am big fan of Finlace Team specially Pawan Ji, Roopak Ji & Samar who all provide me tremendous support & give me hope to get home sooner. I wish Finlace ALL THE BEST & keep growing and make customer like us happy day by day. Thank You!

Mr. Abhishek Tiwari

Hi Finlace Team,
Thanks a lot mam for sending me a copy of the deposit slip. I appreciate for the concern and pain that you have taken to deposit the cheque into my account and thanks to the person who went there to deposit my cheque. I like to tell your seniors that they have got a very good staff in there office and good person like u who had taken pain for me.

Mr. Sachin Nair

Hi Finlace Team,
I want to thank Finlace team for the excellent service they have provided me in making decision to buy a new flat. I have seen people forgetting the client once deal has been done, but this team is still right there, helping out wherever and whenever needed. I would like to name Fateh Singh who provided the right guidance and facts to help me out in my decision making. He was very cool, answered all our queries. Even if I asked silly question he never got frustrated. Nidhi is another one who h

Mr. Abhishek Gupta
Senior Engineer
Application Development CSC India Pvt. Ltd.

Hi Finlace Team,
I am one of your customer who recently have booked a flat in Paramount Emotions. Just wanted say how great was your team. Vishal Kirbat was the first one to interact and he got me to buy this through his very transparent and ever willing helping attitude. I did not even look at any other company for my need as Vishal could make me feel that I can trust him. Then Talesh came in and did a wonderful job of getting my loan matters finalized and settled. Just wanted to express my gratitude to both o

Mrs. Thankam Gomez
Executive Vice President (Berkeley Health EDU)

Hi Finlace Team,
I would specially like to appreciate and thank your employee for all her assistance I got while I coordinated with her to get my credit note encashed. Almost every buyer or prospect has a perception that dealers, giving credit notes to buyers at the time of booking, never honour and encash the credit note. But, based on my personal experience, I can confidently say that I know a company "FINLACE" who is different. I wish Finlace keep helping customers the same way. Good Luck! ?

Mr. Nitin K

Hi Finlace Team,
Thanks Finlace. You have been really helpful since I had purchased my home. I sincerely appreciate exceptionally customer services provided by you. Keep it up your good work. You are an asset every company would like to have. Thanks.

Mr. Gaurav Agrawal

Hi Finlace Team,
I really commend the prompt service provided by your team and appreciate service oriented attitude. Let me forward this letter to Paramount team for adjustment. I would also request you to look into interest charges due to delayed payment which is Rs. 10,109/- and get it resolved as soon as possible so that I may release balance payment to builder before last date without any issue. In fact I paid 20% at the time of booking in place of 15% balance 20% with in 45 days.

Mr. Gaurav Sharma

Hi Finlace Team,
I would like to take this opportunity to Thank Mr Pawan and Monal efforts and most importantly understanding the end user issues. I am going to put this kind of feedback to outside world and make sure everyone out there understand about the importance of reliable firm like Finlace. Thanks Mr Pawan for your involvement and resolving the same. I will give this great feedback on IREF, housing.com, other buyers chain online soon.

Mr. Tarun

Hi Finlace Team,
I would specially like to appreciate and thank your employee Ms. Shiva Gupta, for all her assistance I got while I coordinated with her to get my credit note encashed. She always answered my phone calls promptly, provided me the latest and firm updates, and even called back whenever she committed so. Almost every buyer or prospect has a perception that dealers, giving credit notes to buyers at the time of booking, never honour and encash the credit note. But, based on my personal experience, I c

Mr. Nitin Kapoor

Hi Finlace Team,
I would like to thank you for your customer centricity.You have been a great asset for your company by helping me in solving all my issues in a wink.I appreciate your quick response and ownership of all the issue of mine you have solved.I am sure you will always there to help in coming future.

Mr. Kumar Abhishek Singh

Hi Finlace Team,
To begin with thanks , I must say that correct and prompt support extended by you over the phone and email was highly appreciable. its really appreciable the way you have taken up this matter and followed up the builder perfectly to get the work done promptly and timely. Keep up the good work and once again thank you and Finlace for for the good services and I wish company a lot of success.

Mr. Shailesh Pandey

Hi Finlace Team,
I booked one flat in Panchsheel Greens2 through Hemant Gupta, and in this deal Nidhi was also came in the picture later on. I would like to say thanks to both of them for helping me during this deal. They provided me right guidance, suggestion during this deal. Contributions, dedication, and tireless efforts of both of them is appreciated. I remember when I talked to Hemant first time, his response and suggestions regarding the property was really good. After booking the flat, I talked to Nidhi

Mr. Saidul Siddiqui

Hi Finlace Team,
We have received the credit note amount. we heartily thanx you for keeping the word you had given on behalf of Finlace of paying the amount on 15th of feb. 2015. this has increased our believe in your company and as a customer we would like to inform you that we are highly satisfied with the service your company has provided us yet. we will return the credit note paper in original soon.

Mr. Santosh Kumar

Hi Finlace Team,
Its not a long time that I have been associated with Finlace. The day you started interacting with me on behalf of Finlace and my deal with Sikka, I got a feel that you have a sense of ownership to accomplish and get done whatever is committed at your end. I am truly happy with your work/services so far, and wish that same kind of sensible, ownership oriented and timely followed up services are provided in future as well. Once again Thank you for your wonderful and committed work style. Also wan

Mr. Yogesh Khatri

Hi Finlace Team,
Thanks Monal .. I really appreciate your commitment to clients and providing quality service

Mr. Sachit Bharti

Hi Finlace Team,
I want to give this feedback? In this time, when customers are being deceived and cheated at every front in the Real Estate sector?your organization has honored its promise in time and that too without any follow-ups and delay?I congratulate you all for this fantastic customer-centric service. I will appreciate if you can share this with Mr. Pawan Jasuja Hope your company makes progress with this honesty!

Mr. Shakti Srivastava

Hi Finlace Team,
Thanks a lot for sending this receipt. On the basis of my experience since yesterday and in fact from the day I booked the flat, I can say that the way you and Innovions work is really amazing and appreciating. Today, I can definitely feel that I took the right decision by choosing Finlace over other competitors for booking my flat. Thanks again.

Mr. Binod Tiwary