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Importance of CRM System in Indian Real Estate

Importance of CRM System in Indian Real Estate
Importance of CRM System in Indian Real Estate
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As we know that every business need a clear communication between the valuable customers and organization. CRM is customer relationship management system that connect customer to business from starting to end.  It assists the customers more efficiently and effectively. It provides end to end support to customers.
Importance of CRM in Indian Real Estate Market- Reminder of penalty, payment, interest and more. It provides complete information of project to customers which make smoother execution and handover process. CRM system will play a very critical role by facilitating a timely delivery, regular communication and compliance. Due to lack of a structured grievance redressed system, customers faced many problems. According to experts, CRM will provide more transparency that makes a trust bond between customers and organizations. RERA expected to put a crucial accountability on CRM team. Builder will give more focus on CRM team so that process will be more structured and easy to understand as the customers will be able to provide their experience, feedback as well as complaints.
Pawan Jasuja, Director, Finlace Consulting shares that most of the developers are opting for a more organized and tech-enables CRM system for providing 24*7 support to customers and improve satisfaction. In this, a dedicated online system network will closely monitor the queries and ensure it is resolved by the respective departments in stipulated timelines agreed by the management.

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