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From Urban Fantasy to Sheer Bliss

From Urban Fantasy to Sheer Bliss
From Urban Fantasy to Sheer Bliss
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Collaborations, constantly changing market needs, an undeniably assorted profile of customers and overhauling of trends universally, are pushing advancement in the luxury real estate space, which is just getting bigger and better. Utilization of huge brands and global names in real estate are not for the celebrity quotient, but to ensure the ultimate luxury — genuine feelings of serenity.

Mr. Pawan Jasuja, Director, Finlace Consulting says, "Organizations like Mahagun, Tatas or ATS, who were till now offering affordable luxury, are presently foraying into the luxury section building houses between Rs 2 crore and Rs 10 crore." Value suggestion is getting smaller with such a large number of players offering cutting edge offices. "There is a move in how these luxury homes are being situated to speak to the speculator. Dealings have turned out to be more expert. There is an advanced interface and a 3D perspective of the apartments developed for viewing through various channels, as well as the quality of sample flat has really improved over time.

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